Brave New World x 1984

The world we inhabit now exists between these two extremes.


The way of Tao. The yin of the yang.


  1. In Brave New World you can get all the sex you want and in 1984 you never get any.
  2. In BNW we try to keep society going by changing as little as possible and in 1984 we change things all the time so that we keep wars going.
  3. BNW has a beautiful woman called Lenina who wants romance for a change instead of just sex all the time. 1984 has a beautiful woman called Julia who has not had enough of promiscuity and carefully uses any slight chance she can get to have sex.
  4. In Brave New World, machines do all the dirty work while in 1984 humans do all the dirty work.
  5. In Brave New World the philosophy of Community, Identity and Stability brain washes you so that you can be as happy as possible. In 1984, Big Brother’s propaganda brainwashes you so that you can be as angry, sexually starved, miserable and as edgy as possible. Hence the perfect mood for a forever at-war society. “Anger gets shit done” – American gods TV series.
  6. In Brave New World sexual harassment is history. In 1984, you probably might be hanged for touching a woman indecently. You might be hanged for having an erection in public. You will be hanged if you have sex with anybody except your wife.
  7. In Brave New World people are grown in test tubes. In 1984, people have painful natural birth.
  8. In Brave New World children belong to the Society and to their genetically and psychologically assigned roles. In 1984 children belong to the party and are encouraged to tell on anybody breaking party rules, including their parents, to the Thought Police.
  9. In Brave New World the ultimate goal is a flawless functioning society that craves immortally being as it is. Unchangeable. Immovable. In 1984 power struggle is the ultimate goal. And flexing of muscles so as to deepen the sophistication with which power battles happen. Both as individual serving the party (O’Brien can be one-upped, But you have to be really cunning to figure out how), and as the mega nations of Oceania and Eurasia.


  1. Both Brave New World and 1984 worship technology. The ultimate tool, the meta-prosthetic with which to control mass activities. The tool with which to effectively steer hundreds or thousands of people at a time. Mass consumption, mass propaganda, mass control using Big Data, Big Tech, Big world governments sited atop big chunks of land with hundreds of millions of civilians paying trillions of dollars in taxes-of-some-sort every year.
  2. Both Brave New World and 1984 believe in one-world governments.
  3.  In both Brave New World and 1984 money has been abolished. The medium of exchange in Brave New World is most likely soma – Christianity plus alcohol without the negative side effects. The medium of exchange in 1984 is probably how much information you can sell to the Thought Police — The body of Big Brother. Head, hands and legs.
  4. In both Brave New World and 1984 sex is a crucial force of social control and social appeasement. Just like today where the sex industry keeps the foundations of society.
  5. In both Brave New World and 1984 children belong to the state and are socialized so as to keep to the philosophy of their world.
  6. In both Brave New World and 1984 people are not really free to do what they will. People are not free to make mistakes, people are not free to cause problems with their “innovations and new ideas”. Great effort is taken to make them conform, as non conformity will lead to the collapse of society as each world knows it. Collapse into a barbarian time before the “enlightenment”.
  7. Both Bernard Marx and Winston Smith finally accept the world they live in, realizing that they are fighting with something beyond any one person’s control. Bernard takes soma to escape his shame, embarrassment and depression while Winston finally understands the power held by Big Brother and comes to not only respect it, but to love it as well.

In the far future

In about 10,000 years, the people of Brave New World will remain nearly the  same. However, some pretty deep insights might be gleaned on how to make the smartest Alpha possible and how to create the cheapest Epsilon or Gamma. If a Gamma could be turned into a living and walking immortal spanner then Brave New World would do it. And if an Alpha or a World Controller could be turned into a super-mentat like Paul Atreides Muah’Dib in Frank Herbert’s DUNE then so be it.


The 1984 kind will have turned into the meanest fighting machines biology could ever produce. Only to keep fighting some more. For War is Peace. They will be able to double think so perfectly they could kill while feeling intense feelings of love for their victims, be slaves to their god Big Brother while feeling the utmost freedom to do whatever they want. And finally, be ignorant, so ignorant of the big picture, that they are so perfectly at one with the spirit of Battle. Hence unbreakable. Strong beyond imagination.

Jexi — A 2019 film

The smartphone AI voice assistant that does not give a fuck.

Scene from the movie. Can you guess which one ??

Ha ha ha ha

* * *

I just watched Jexi yesterday. And I decided to watch it again this afternoon.

Then I was like “what the hell, let’s blog about this damn great movie !”.

First, I want to say, I am not a professional movie reviewer (obviously since this is 2021) so I don’t get the reason for the low ratings on Metacritic nor do I want to know.

I’m not trying to do a PhD in movies. I love this flick.

Here is the life lesson to take away from all the cussing and the digital melodrama. Sometimes to move ahead, people need a push.

And I mean something or somebody that actually makes them get off the couch to go do something difficult but worthwhile.

Something like Jexi or somebody like A great mentor.

A person better than us no matter how much ego we pump into our heads and our chests. People who are experts. People who are great teachers.

For most people, this role is filled by their parents. Just like it was for me.

I mean I am not yet a great guy per say (don’t come for life coaching just yet) but I believe I am a pretty decent human being.

But to go even further, especially when we become adults and we get into a place where we feel like life sucks, then we need a Jexi if we can. Or a Paul Allen if we are Bill Gates (Nooo, Buffet didn’t mentor Bill Gates. Not at first. Jesus. Alternative facts are all over the place).

Will it hurt ?


Will they break our backs with impossible work loads and task ?


But …

We are going to have such a great time you f****** nerd, idiot, whatever.

* * *

So if you actually get a great mentor and they tell you to do something that you know will eventually be good for you…

DO IT !!

Neuralink is the craziest business on this planet

If you didn’t already know.

* * *

Elon Musk, FRS, is one of the most respected business magnets on Earth as I write this.

But he is doing something I cannot believe other humans are allowing him to do with all our legal history on ethical business practices.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elon Musk is trying to create a cyborg like from DC movies.

This will not be fiction for too long.

Now I do not know if it is because we watch too many movies as a species but boy is Neuralink balssy.

Coz here is the low down, something is bound to go wrong once those chips starts giving the people who have them even just slightly superhuman cognitive powers.

Currently, it is like a real life science game. We improve the tech and we improve the tech and we put it in pigs and monkeys and so forth. But once we cross a certain citical point in the technology, then you will know.

Not that many scientists aren’t working on equally zanny shit. I mean, at CERN, they are close to creating a blackhole perhaps in an attempt to uncover anti-gravity. What gives.

So yeah, this is a great time to be alive because AGI may not hit the fan, but so much other shit will. And boy will it rain on everybody.

We are tinkering with DNA, 5G, brain-computer interfaces, and AGI research. OK. OK.

* * *

I find it funny. That in the dark ages of religious zealotry, people burnt 100% harmless supposed witches for cursing villages and blah blah yet it was stuff like disease that was killing them. People feared heresay more than Alchemy. Alchemists were considered insane.

Still, nobody fears modern day alchemy that can turn a 1 minute dance of coloured pixels and accompanying sound called an Ad into millions of dollars. We think that shit is normal and we have control over it. But then we keep listening to these dancing pixels and their accompanying sounds.

I’m as human as you are. I also can’t resist a good ad.

Now we want to connect brains directly to the ad world of 1s and 0s. Oh boy. Here we go.

Can it stop ?

Noooo. Why should we stop. We haven’t even left this puny planet yet and you want us to stop ? Jeez, you’ve such small dreams you scaredy cat.

Tell you what, I soo want to work for Neuralink. These guys are playing with a time bomb on there. And not like a nuke no, this bomb will blow your mind into wonderland for all we know.

Like really take you out of this world without killing you. Before killing you. Damn, what a way to go.

LSD trip