Oil is Black Gold, Uranium is BANG! Gold.

This movie might come in handy.

* * *

Currently, human beings fear nuclear energy despite tons of evidence proving that nuclear energy causes less deaths than fossil fuels and even wind power.

It is not unexpected.

Uranium-235 is a very explosive baby even in tiny proportions.


Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I think scientists working in nuclear power plants sometimes tiptoe around the premises. Just in case.

But the beauty of science and facts is that they do not care for human wishful thinking. When you are hungry, trying to daydream of a belly full of chicken will not make you full.

In the same way, we walk around fearing nuclear power (which is safe) while ignoring fossil fuels (which are unsafe) as if we have all the time in the universe to make up our minds either way.

Which is okay. No pressure. 100 years+ of fossil fuels is still good. Besides, the global temperature might only increase by 2 degrees Celsius tops.

No biggie.

D-day will arrive though. And the switch will happen.

The switch will be when the global feeling about nuclear power utility becomes urgent and the feeling towards waning supplies of fossil fuels become fear of what to do next.

Nobody will say solar energy. Too many problems. Not enough time.

The switch will be from fear of nuclear power to fear of fossil fuels really running out.

Which will be a pity because we shall have squandered a good chance to learn how to use nuclear power with next to zero risk.

The way we don’t fear flying anymore.

Interesting note: We used to adore nuclear power. It was the magic bullet to a capitalist/communist utopia. Take your pick. Then Chernobyl happened and Fukushima and governments overreacted and look at us now.

Scaredy cats. Trying to hide behind cat videos.

The switch will also be strong because either we go for Uranium or we learn to build as many solar PV farms as possible and share A LOT of solar energy with our next door neighbors.

Coz if we don’t want they will not hesitate to go apeshit on us.

I’m talking rich people who will be hoarding solar panels being attacked by the rest of the world without 2 bread crumbs to rub together.

It’s not pretty. Even as an imagination.

There is blood and gore everywhere. Hunger and war. Makes me conjure Game Of Thronish.

So the switch will happen.  And I doubt it will be a smooth transition like how a city slowly becomes a town.

It will most probably be preceded by a series of very unpleasant news announcements.

“Price of a barrel of oil shoots up by 10 times as of this morning”

The Motley Fool

Then you will see how elites get red in the face and panic all over the place.

All those ones and zeros in the bank. Suddenly gone.

Like (snap) that.

Gone with the wind.

Meanwhile, the peasants, wherever they will be, will not know what has hit the world until it is too late.

Hundreds of years of waiting like idiots will have happened.

Perhaps in their ignorance they will simply think it is the end of the world.

So innocent. The poor things.

The big new gold will of course be nuclear power and no, instead of saving the world, it might ruin it. Whoever will be in charge will be trying to stop millions of hysterical human beings from storming the nuclear power plants and causing a big fat radioactive mess.

Delaying transitions is ugly. Whoever will be alive then will see it with their very own eyes.

And I hope for their sakes they are rich.

So the switch will be quick. And no, it will be ugly coz it will be delayed.

People will die. People will hack other people’s heads off.

People will die of hunger and cold.

Without any atomic explosions going off.

Yes, it is annoying that nature itself is stacked against us. I mean the least we can do is carry on meaningful debates about energy transition on the internet but even that is not carbon neutral.

Owning a smart-phone is very carbon dirty. Like big time. So we are screwed.

But wait. How about nuclear power?

Ok. Hold the phone. You prefer cancer to global warming?

Noo. Not if we treat U-235 right. TLC. Extra special attention. All of us. Together. Make sure nothing goes sideways.

For uranium just might be our golden ticket to the other side of the fence. The grass is greener on that side. Even a blind person can see it.

Say check out below this Quora question post I am currently running. I envision using the beautifully explosive power of Uranium not just to power an A-bomb or a power plant but to perform some pretty energetic calculations as well.

Nope, you don’t need a PHD in nuclear energy to participate in saying something in response.

You just need to love building a novel type of computer with unimaginably immense power.

Like literally speaking.

Computuranium, that’s the word.

Is it catchy?



A Quantum of Love


Circa 2027

* * *

“I can Control U!”

“No you can-NOT”.

“Yes I can-Z”.

“ha ha” . She enjoyed his puns. Relished them.

He loved her. Nita she was called.

Why it didn’t have the A at the beginning, God knew.

God and his dice.

Einstein was wrong. God played dice.

Even cards.

Anything random.

And he, Ken, was loving what he was throwing him so far.

Beautiful lovely Nita.

“I love your smile”.

“I love to control you”.

“Stop it”.

He pouted.

Goodness it was evening already. Why.

“Well, it’s nearly seven…”

Time to walk the Princess back to her castle.

* * *

“This is nice”


“Are you done with your part of the work homework?”

“Yeah. And you?”

“Not yet”

“I could help”

“Yes. But not today”.

 She wanted him too. But she wanted something strong and solid. No more casual flings.

They stopped and she quickly kissed him on the mouth before she’d changed her mind.

She smiled into his face.

He felt stupidly happy.

His heart was entangled even more.

She turned to go.

“Good night”, he called after her.

She turned round. Blushing like a teenager. “Good night”.

Gawd, he wanted her so bad right now.

* * *

Control control control.

The one thing that a 100 qubit system always evades is being controlled.

‘Damn the ghostly blighters’, Simon cursed.

He thought of redoing the over 1 trillion billion billion matrix-sized calculations, and his mind went blank.

He laughed.

“ha ha”

Jesus help him.

The deadline was this week.

In came Ken. Da man.

He was grooving to a catchy tune no doubt.

“Yo siste, yo siste, yo siste, yo sisteeeh”

“tululuntu …”

“Hey Ken”.

“Simon my man”.

“You look good”.

“You don’t”.

Simon studied his friend a little closely.

Then his smile dropped.

“Oops, you don’t look good”.

“Shut up”.

(Whispers) “What happened man tell me”

(Whispers back) “We kissed!”

“Holy ..”

“Simon, Ken, is it ready?”

“Uuuh …” “Yessir” answered Ken.

Simon whispers ‘Dude. It is not ready!’

‘It is’

‘We’re dead’

“Please come to my office”

“Man I am not going to become unemployed at your watch. I still love life”

“Jeez, relax”

“I swear if I lose my job I will …”


“I’ll steal your girlfriend”.

“I have a burddizo”.

Knock knock.

“Come in”

They step into the large ever-new-looking office.

It’s as if Prof. Ahmed is always ready to go in case he gets fired.

Simon thinks.

Lucky guy.

“So, can Shor’s Improved Algorithm (SIA) work on our computer yet?”

“Sir, there is a tiny problem but ….”

“Tell me the problem, and the solution”

Jeeeeeeeesus is Lord.

Unlike some forces in the world economy, quantum computing is a force of hope and good will.

Why, it is the Capitalist dream chasing Utopia. And we can see it over the horizon. Theoretically.

Because theoretically, a quantum computer with just a million qubits promises to shower us with so much computing power it baffles the imagination.

More computing power is holy. It is divine. It is desire defined.

But how to get there from here. That is the question. The journey is full of thick steel barriers that only move ever so slightly after years of effort.

Even theoretically still, Mikhail Dyakonov says here that a mere 1000 qubit machine is impossible as it would have more superposed states than the number of sub-atomic particles! in the observable universe.

And given our error rates, we’d need even more qubits to simply correct those 1000. Which is frankly, one big quantumic mess.

This however does not diminish the intrigue of the international community at large which keeps throwing billions upon billions of dollars at the field.

Literally, this means that most people who get rich, by luck, hardwork or both, when they hear about quantum computing, get so excited and joyed by its prospects they cannot help their hands when they reach for their cheque books.

Quantum computing, like Spintronics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, (Genetics, …), is awesome.

A couple of buzz-words, but they give people a reason to wake up very early in the morning. Henceforth, by an extremely long string of causal deduction, make the world economy go round.

Make people grow more food and share it around with zest, make people make movies on these buzz-words and associated scientific mazes, but most importantly, make work more effective AND efficient by making intellectual work easier.

Hence making muscular work easier.

Hence a little bit of utopia is attained from the fruits of progress in medicine, agriculture, education, climate change, media coverage, name it.

To take an even bigger picture of what these four mean for the future, we have to remember that they impact John Barrow’s Kardashev scale. And John Barrow’s scale provides humanity the promise of god-like powers without the need to go into outer space.

Yes, no need to go to boring, cold dark Mars (assuming quite erroneously that no extinction level meteors will ever hit and wipe us out soon).

Sorry Elon.

Though, going into outer space is the best testing ground for our genius problem-solving skills as a species, given the infinite supply of problems that space provides for our solving.

Especially testing those 4 STEM fields.

So it is most welcome.

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulate me upon my humble achievements in Quantum computing. Hopefully, I will do more to satisfy you even more.

Cheers and goodnight.


Ye are Precogs!


Multiple-award winning centimillionaire horror fiction author Stephen King ends another masterpiece work, The Institute, in well … sapiosexual style.


Haha. Didn’t see that one coming.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let me run you through just a tib bit of what to expect when you read this iconic novel. It won’t be much of a spoiler.

The book is a fast paced smart-ass adventure whose main protagonist is a barely 12-year old boy called Luke Ellis. Young Master Luke is a child prodigy but not just any prodigy. Based on his wide-ranging yet advanced science-based knowledge-interests, he is too smart even for a private school for prodigies.


So he considers enrolment into 2 big-shot universities at the same time. Guessing perhaps that will help his mind catch up with itself. As you can imagine, it runs too fast. Building libraries upon libraries of learnt stuff like tomorrow is waiting impatiently at the door step.

Alas, other people have been watching young Luke Ellis, and they have other plans for him.

In the night, they murder his parents and abduct him – to The Institute. Here, he meets a bunch of other kids some of who seem like social prodigies? and such until he learns they have real comic-book superpowers!?


And later he also finds out about TK.

 Telepathy and Telekinesis respectively.

Turns out, nobody cares for his big intellectual brain at all. They just want what he sometimes does unconsciously when he knocks over empty pizza boxes without touching them.

He is TK after all. And he will be “Of great service to his country”.

Just an injection here, a hot slap on the cheek there.

Then a bunch of tokens for booze and cigarettes (Yes. To kids!) if one is a good boy or good girl.

Negative and Positive reinforcement. Classic Pavlov.

Then there is this “technician” called Zeke who can only take the body temperature via a long thermometer inserted into the … rectum.

– “Drop trou and bend over that chair, Luke. Forearms on the seat”.

Next come the spot lights that give you a seizure.

Then not much later, the wonderful stay at the better-half of The Institute is topped off with drowning the kids in an immersion tank so as to really amplify their now dual powers. TK and TP for each one of them.

 Only until they are about to die.

Let’s get to the end however. Where our titular philosophical conundrum unfolds.

Apparently, behind the monstrous human guests at The Institute are politically powerful men and women who also take orders from somebody.

Who could this final causal link be, we wonder?

Precogs. Precognition-ists

People, formerly innocent young children just like any of us, who can “even see years into the future” and so try to change its course. They somehow have all these loyal politicians and scientists and maybe celebrities who believe in their sardistic aims at peace (and their purported hyper-prophetic powers) and so bend world events to their will.

For more than 50 years!!

Apparently, it is the only way to always avert a 3rd World War. Kill “bad people” from afar using enhanced TK and TP powers from kids.

It greatly helps make it look like an accident.

However, Luke blows the logic of the Precogs by saying(as a proof) that mathematically speaking, this is a case for the Bernoulli distribution and so no sorry, nobody can see so far into the future given all the things that could go on to make it not happen, plus all the infinite myriads of contexts at play.

Basically, the only thing you can see into the future is your nose. Coz you can see how it extends forward in space-time.(E.g.  Computers running artificial intelligence which see into the future say by predicting what will increase sales are simply extensions of inferences that humans could’ve made if given more time. They just do what we would infer from correct contexts, but simply do it a lot fasterrrr).

Otherwise, hocus pocus. Like reading fortunes from throwing shit on a wall. See what sticks and what “patterns” it makes.

The argument I want to make today however is not whether people can see into the future or not.

But before that…

Based on context, it is possible to say we can see into the future. BTW, so you know, unlike Telekinesis and Telepathy, Precognition can have a pretty solid basis on a few simply sound arguments.

I mean, Tiger Woods can see your swing and know where the golf ball will land. It’s kind of rocket science since it is classical mechanics. So should we say Tiger Woods can see the future?

Well, maybe so. But perhaps we want to reserve such a title for things that would make our jaws drop. Not something even pre-schoolers can exhibit.

Something like what we enjoy in that 2007 Nicholas Cage movie, NEXT.

In the movie, Nicholas Cage sees a nuclear bomb blow up the city. But the question is, if he sees the future, isn’t he a part of making it happen?

It’s an old causality argument that employs a little of “everything is connected” philosophy.

Like, if Tiger Woods can see where your golf ball will fall when you start your swing, and if everything is connected, how are we not to believe that Tiger Woods might nudge the ball a bit in the direction he saw it going?


Okay. I agree. Because “everything is connected” is reserved for quantum effects and for large bodies like people and gold balls, this philosophy goes out the window and what is left is pure classical physics.

Determinism to the dot.

But how about the first example. The one for computers trading on the stock market.

When they “realise” that people are going to buy more of product X, they buy more of product X and instead, make people also want to buy more of it!?

So, question is, were people really going to buy X or did they just nudge them towards that behaviour?

If Amazon.inc can tell what books you would like, are they reading your mind or telling your mind what to read?

In a way, it’s neither here nor there. As any teacher knows, you learn from your students in the process of teaching them. Yes, even when they say nothing at all.

 Especially when they say nothing at all (‘I suck at this’).

So in life, seeing the future and creating the future. What difference does it make.  Except for when you want to appear cool and make people  give you their cash  so that you read their miserable fortunes.

Better yet, we all should aim towards seeing the future even more than merely creating it. For (s)he who sees the future steps forward confidently. Whatever awaits. Afterall, you’ve lived through it once. Can’t get any worse the second time.

Now go ahead and see the future. See how shitty it is. Survive. Thereafter do something to make you see how good it is.

Be brutally honest with yourself and you worldviews, and your and our dreams just might come true.

For ye are Precogs. And the world is waiting for your wonderful visions. Visions from the future.

P.S.: Seeing the future is not just for humans. Computers can also do it.