The Great Ecomomy


Let’s make a spiritually wealthier world together.

And of course, material wealth is imperative in this quest …

Please read, comment, and build on the few ideas I get to share, and share your ideas with me. Through this feedback, we shall build a great work together.

Perhaps the greatest ever …


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I don’t think we talk enough about it.

I mean, okay. It’s nobody’s business how, when, whatever I eat, but its a little embarrassing that more people die today from overeating than from starving.

Look, even the Bacteria are laughing at us.
They only die of overpopulation.

* * *

Some people out there live on these Class A healthy diets.
Some of these try to advise us on how to eat well so that we live to 100 with hardly any medical records in our name.
And so that we die of anything but poor nutrition.

Yeah, fuck them.
We’re all going to die anyway.

Said people above have nothing dumb to reply.
You don’t argue with a food-suicidal, they silently conclude.

I think it all comes down to a sales n marketing problem.
People are into the positive relationships/emotional experiences market today.

Hire A.I. visual pattern recognition systems to watch people as they eat.
You know, tell them how to chew properly or something.


OR, have these year on end food seminars or something, where the gist of the seminar is covered at meal time.
_What and how to eat so that you can have a better sex and work life, forever_

I think this is a perfectly nice primal way to bond.
Truthfully, we have history when it comes to the dynamics of our lips.
Remember, our desire for kissing evolved somewhat from reptilian tasting of the opposite sex.

Basically, at the core, you have some tendency to want to eat your partner each time you trap her lips and tongue inside your mouth (partly / fully).
By golly, they actually even bite !

Cannibalism is romantic ? 🤨


You are simply trying to say, “You, my love, are as important to me as a cake so good that I want to eat and have at the same time”.

That’s romantic.


And I will.

You know….

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Point Really is, I just imbibed an unreasonable amount of food for lunch today (due to factors that are non of your business).
My mid section is going all catatonic on me.

Some food will be thrown away too.

And yet, poorer people are dying of hunger, and I just hear about food porn but hardly get properly aroused when the word food is mentioned
(Coz I’m always eating eating eating).

I do think it is a big market influencer.
Some studies on Booms and Bursts should surely be done around fasting periods.

And you bet, its going to get really serious once we top a gpop of 10+ billion and majority are Muslims.
(Because they fast. Big time).

Ain’t a better upper than that if _consumptionally optimised_ just right.
Sure beats all that hangover prone Meth and shit.

* * *

Boys… and Girls

Life is a positive sum game


There is 1 thing about love that summarises what it’s all about… give.

Be it love at first sight or love grown first as a friendship, giving is key.

On that first day, you look at her. She is very beautiful and so you give your appreciation by starring…she notices, and you look away . But you just want to look at her again. It’s all you want then. In that moment you forget whatever you were doing, whatever you were carrying. It’s not yet love, but it is quite good.

Just imagine you set eyes on her beauty and looked away, unconcerned. She notice this too. You’ll hurt her. She’ll hate you, and so the magic will go away.

Assuming you meet again, show love to this girl by thinking of nothing else but giving….she’ll love you back , trust me.
Don’t start by giving a kiss, you are a stranger…remember ? Start with a Hi. This relaxes the mind, puts away tension. Tell her your name,  compliment her, escort her.

Give your time, help, money, patience,… and more time.
And give her her time and space.
If she walks away in the end, you still win. That was an emotional intelligence workout.

Don’t take it too seriously, it’s just like a stroll in the park.
Just have fun.

                    * * * * * * *

One evening walk, John sees this very cute girl ( ‘my God, she’s hot’ ). He decides to make her day. He’s been simply seeing her in the past.

John : Hi

Girl : Hi

John : Do you mind if I escort you ?

Girl : (No reply. Continues walking)

John : Helloo … ?

Girl : (Stops. Faces him) What do you want ?

John : Please …

(Silence. Both stand looking at each other. John is Pocking for confidence. The girl has one hand on her waist. She reads him. He is harmless.)
( She resumes walking. This time slowly.)

(John is a little scared off. He summons courage and follows behind once again. He catches up to her)

John : I am John (extending his hand)

Girl : (without looking at him) Nice to meet you.

John : You are lovely.

Girl (takes a minute to respond) : Excuse me ?!

(Silence. Both stop. She,
looks at him, he looks away. They Girl is smiling inwardly, but trying to brandish a cold face. )

John (recovering from his own surprise) : Where are you going ?

(Silence. John thinking, ‘Damn the silence girl)

(Girl resumes walking)

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Young love

Boy : do you know ….. that I can make you laugh ?

Girl (smiling) : Ok, just try…

Boy : I will …
Ok, look at me.

Girl : (looking, restraining smile)

Boy : you’re already about to smile

(Girl makes a serious i-mean-business face)

Boy : Ok, can you make an angry face, like Shrek’s face ?

(Girl makes a serious ogre’s face, she laughs)

Boy (giggling) : See, you laughed.

Girl : You cheat. Ok, let’s try it again.

Boy : Now I want you to snarl like Shrek. So 1, 2, 3 … snarl

Girl : ‘Aaaggghh’

Boy : ‘Aaargghhhh’. Why aren’t you laughing ? Ok, stare down freeze. No blinking

(Looking at each other,
1 second,
2 seconds,…)

Boy : Aaaaargggh……

Girl bursts into laughter

“You damned Cheat” ( laughing strongly ) you tickled me.

“Didn’t say I wouldn’t”.

Scientific Poem

A Tribute to Logic

~ * * * ~

“`Aah, the Human Heart“`

It hates reasoning and loves feeling
Not knowing that there is science in loving being

The world is cruel, the world is science
But the human heart cannot accept this without defiance

And so we sometimes stop thinking and just run with the emotions
Until one variable comes out of nowhere and throws our lives into commotions

Car accidents, Disease, Poverty and Evil
All need scientific inquiry if we are to tame them as we do a needle

Its God’s fault, for putting us in this mechanical unfeeling world of chaos
So as above so below, ordo ab chao

MOVIES, and Other Videos

They do move us all, don’t they ?!

Movies and The Future life of Ever-acting humans.

Movies = Life under the camera that you get paid to live. But there’s a twist to this, and it just might turn us all into actors.
The twist is : I could be doing something really useful for me, while also acting ?!

Like getting your law degree from a movie theatre !?


There’s also becoming a professional surgeon or Master Chauffeur.

Being paid to watch people is something that is about to run out of fashion. Not just because AI is going to get better at looking at things than human beings (and for less costs too), but also because with movies, it is totally the other way around. People pay to watch you.
How fun is that ???
Both the actor and the Fans enjoy what they are doing.

So yeah, watching movies just might replace a few teachers in the classroom. I mean, it’s funner, right ?
And cheaper too.
And the brilliant twist is, you could become the next movie star if you put in the time and seriously do all your homework (+ a little extras, they go a long way).

And a small market for movie type products and any affiliated goods, will emerge. Including :
Stunt videos, Educational (Classroom) videos, Bland footage videos, Follow him/Follow her trail videos, Follow them videos, Direct-them-and see-what-they-do videos, analytic videos, Life of a learner videos, Teacher videos, adventure videos, etc.

It is only in a movie where the kids do what their parents tell them to do.
It is only in a movie where you can learn martial arts, stunt making, the life of the US President, for free.

In a movie/documentary/cable news/Whatever media outlet, you can visit a bank vault, Bill William Gates, The White House and have fun eating food at these places while also being paid.

The current trend is turning us all into media people. Headline News comes from non media people’s social media feeds and their blogs, YouTube channels, and websites, all made while they were just having a good time.


I’m definitely excited, hope you are too.

Two worlds

There are two possible worlds we can have.
Either one or the other, but both is impossible.

a) A world where wealth levels are nearly equal amongst all peoples.
A world with no billionaires, but also a world without people living on less than 5 dollars a day.

To build such a “socialised world” will require that the leaders of the world today show more transparency to the maximum.
It will require that those who get richer are taxed more, and social businesses like saccos or socially created NGOs or even Charity and Volunteering organisations will be the governments chief concern.
Pooled resources will be the ultimate way of funding for any project, and, most billionaires will probably be top notch professionals who are inceivably good at what they do.

In such a world, we cannot see billionaires building space hotels while some people as dying of hunger.
We do not see governments wasting money on Mars missions when preventable diseases are still afflicting the globe.

It will be a world where we move together, such that one problem is tackled at a time for everyone, while we dream of bigger issues …
In the future.

Probably, we might unite as a globe in this type of world (under one language, and perhaps with the UN to coordinate all other governments, which every one will subscribe to)

what next after earth ?

If we take the route of the ‘socializers’, then human beings will not be afraid of colonising other planets.
So, humans will be put on Mars and colonize it, and will then go outward to other planets in the same manner.
The upside is the exponential increase in the human population in the galaxy, but the downside is that they will still be quite weak and very similar to people in 2017.
Very prone to mass genocide at the slightest of disagreements.

The route of the ‘human god race’ will be much more different. Due to recurrent wars back on earth due to wealth levels, sending humans to Mars will take so much longer.
In fact, if the socializers
terraform Mars in the year 3000AD and inhabit it, the gods might do so 17000 years later, after countless wars on earth, during which time they shall be slowly turning into gods of some sort (we might even acquire powers).
Only after establishing nearly ultimate peace on earth, shall we go forth and colonise Mars.
And the difference is, we might put 2017 type humans on Mars  (in which case, we shall indeed be gods to them)
We shall them enjoy ourselves seeing how we command them around like ants.

Sounds cruel, but that is just a future form of slavery. We’ve done it before, we can do it again.

who will advocate for either group ?

Religionists and Environmentalists might easily follow the former band wagon.
These are the people who still want to go back to the garden of Eden, so quite frankly, these are the ones who pipe for “equality for all”.
In the economic world, they are the socialists and the ‘conservativists’.
In politics, they are the Democrats / the Far right (I think).

The Scientists, ‘progressivists’, “`Republicans“`, are the ones who want men to become gods.
All business men support ‘ economic growth and development‘.
They thus fall here too.
Unsurprisingly, many of them don’t believe in God and even if they do, many more of them believe that it is man’s duty to become a god himself, changing everything to serve his purposes.

Unfortunately, so much of the world runs on this mantra but we still confuse this ideology with that of the socializers.

We believe we can have the best of both worlds, and this is not working out.
I don’t see how it will. We need some special enlightenment of some sort.

For example, we keep promoting individualism and in-checked free market capitalism in society, but then go around asking that people unite for a common goal.
No wonder the world is in chaos.

Capitalism and Socialism just don’t mix.
We want to have billionaires, but them we want the gap between the rich and the poor to be bridged.

That is impossible. it is infact illogical.
Whoever confused the whole world was very good.

Being rich and being poor is relative.

Either we chase wealth for each one of us, selfishly (by being more powerful than everybody else), or we aspire to move together as a people. So that we are all considerably wealthy but none is richer than the other.

Yes, it is a dilemma. And no body has figured it out yet.

Perhaps …
We can be rich due to doing different things.
Then the things that everybody should own, we could ensure that everybody has them.

How to do this (be rich, but have the same levels of material wealth), I don’t know yet.

Then comes Bill Gates and his $80 billion net worth.

I remember the last time I googled the world’s richest man, he was reported to have said something like ” I will give away more than half of my wealth to the poor”.

At first, I though this was the smartest thing any billionaire would ever do at the end of his life.
But after seeing how poor people gobble up any little piece of wealth that falls into their hands, I’m not so sure.

What would you do if you were Bill W. Gates Jnr ?

Would you bequeath you billions to your 3 wonderful children so that the Gates family may continue running the world as it gets even more powerful ?

Or would you give away all your money to the poor, so as to show once and for for all that it was never about the money, the fame, or the power ?

Its quite a hard decision to make.

The socializers introduced above would say give away all your wealth. After that, they’d ensure that none of your kids ever gets to see that much money ever in their life time.

The “god emulators” would say fuck it, pass that knowledge, morality and wealth down to the kids.
Eventually (after a few years), the family will be rich enough to fulfil your dream of wiping out malaria, ending extreme poverty around the world, and will probably be instrumental in funding ITER, and other projects set to disrupt the global economy, and avail more wealth to the human species than they could have ever thought possible.

What would I say ?

Give away the money.

Your kids might turn into lil old mean creeps.

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Mankind has finally succeeded.
Finally succeeded to stump out poverty.
(I mean, going hungry is impossible. Anybody could feed you for free)

The year is 2200.

Finally, the human population on Earth has been cut to only 1 billion people.

There is no one on Mars yet …

She had just been a baby, but the wealth that her  parents had fed her was simply astonishing (in 2017 dollars, it would’ve all been worth a couple hundreds of million dollars). And they were middle class.
She got to have her own bedroom filled with all these educational play things and all these fun toys and robots and routines.

When she grew up, she realised that the world is filled with all these beautiful plants and animals and parks and buildings and people. The people are happy, but life is still not perfect.

But then, one can at least realise there is actually a lot of space around for you to have fun.

               * * *

_13 years later_

Nicky : Mummy, why don’t I have a brother or sister like some other families ?

Mum : Well, we couldn’t have one.

Nicky : What do you mean ?
Coz I see some parents have 3 kids .. ??

Her mother had not replied. She had hidden the truth from her.

Nicky returns from her childhood memories.
She understands now. She understands everything.
But the days of her naïveté were so good.

Her heart is heavy, she cannot believe she is going to do this.

Her patient, Mrs Osborne has accidentally breached *Rule Number One* in the International Law for all Hospitals in any State. (I.L.H.S)

The coldest rule from a very cold law book with very boring initials.

Nicky cried.

The tears flowed freely, strongly. For the first time in her life, she hated logic.
And she was alone in it all, for Mrs. Osborne had been anesthesized.

Why was it her turn ?
Oh, she already knew.

The governments of the world had decreed that doctors go through it.
Training another group of people to do this would have bred a group of individuals too mentally disturbed to live properly in society with others.

She had to do it. She had to kill the 3 of them.
It was the only way. It had to be done anyway.
She knew the President would do it himself if he had too.
This was a law. No messing around.

Detailers were also busy capturing an HD video of the entire process and streaming it to all relevant headquarters in real time.

Since doctors saved lives, they were the ones to take it this time round. The counter effect, it was argued, would traumatize them but then saving lives would bring them back.

She looked at their age. 2 twin girls and 1 boy, all almost 2 years old.

A graduate of child psychology and child mentorship, she loved children.
Indeed, the world was not run by human beings, but by animals.

She understood.
It all boiled down to science and the nature of life.
She knew well the grim history of the human race over the past 2200 years.
She had read the recommended detailed version and finished it in just 10 years.

The technology of virus vectors for population-controlling-DNA had taken longer than had been expected.
Mrs . Osborne’s crime had been having more children than she had to (triplets), and covering it up by secretly raising them.

“Fuck the variables”, she cursed.
She wiped her tears and went to the room X.
She saw them
They were sleeping. Anesthesized.
They would now sleep for ever more, never to return.

‘They merely go before us’, she mumbled the ancient words. ‘Go to the best place of all’.

She pushed the bodies into the incinerator chamber.
And switched it on.

So much abundance, and yet still not enough for us all.
She finally thought.

          * * * * * * *

Shapes – A History.


‘All the things you will read below are a product of the author’s wild imagination.’


I have a Huawei Y360.
It is not an iPhone, but well, quite similar to the iPhone 4.
Anyway, pretending a little that you’re in a better world with finer things never hurt anyone.

All smartphones have a rectangular shape.
In fact, viewing the screen is analogous to looking out of a window.
There is a whole new world outside the house ( now inside you phone ) , waiting to be explored.

And research is showing that many people prefer the world inside their gadgets than the real world outside.
Something to do with almost unlimited freedom and power, and yet maximum privacy.

What’s with rectangles anyway ?

Well let’s go back.

Back before  world war 3, … , before rockets, … ,

…. Woooooosh ……

Before Tunka Manin


Before Hamurrabi



We have arrived.
100,000 BC.

               * * *

Geometry has always fascinated man. Why ?
Because well shaped things in nature were of significance.

Apples, Oranges, Lemons, were all spherical/circular

Precious stones had their own beautiful shapes

The sun was circular, and still is.


(I’m running out of words to spin. C’mon help me out)

Bottom line is ; 2000AD, somehow, we got this inexplicable love for perfect shapes. Especially some two.
( *Rectangle*; doors, tables, phones, computers, cupboards, papers, cookers, houses, shoes ! etc)

Guess we could blame it on the flat earth theory.

And the metaphorical? term “four corners of the earth” that authors like throwing around from time to time.

Rectangles … And *Circles*.

(Yes, you very well know the iPhone Home screen button)

“Cicularism” (the love of circular things) pays tribute to man’s fascination with the sun.
[ and we’re totally justified in doing so]

Hence circular plates, cups, kettles, buckets, buildings, etc

Can’t have enough of them, dem geometric shapes.


So what was I really saying about phones ?

Nothing much

Just the fact that we should all wonder how important their geometry is, including the geometry of their many features and capabilities.

        * * * * * * *

P.S. : the WhatsApp send button and the Profile pic window are circular !
All emoticons are circular !
The text message windows are rectangular !

For the past we have shared, and to the brilliant future that they will help us create,
Cheers to Rectangles and Circles.

Short Love Story

He loved her.

She didn’t love him. And it annoyed the hell out of her.
Here she was, with another man who could take care of her. And yet far away, a man loved her definitely who she did not love. Did she love him ?

“By the way, Sean was here today”, her fiancé, Reagan, told her.
She crept closer to him. She loves him. No one else.
” What did he want ?”, Rachel asked Reagan.
“What he always wants. You “. He whispered. Strong jealousy visible in his voice.
Rachel hated the bastard. How he had met her and why he loved her so much, she did not know.

She decided to block his number and alert police.
But Sean made it a point to go to her workplace every day of the week.

1 week later, she changed jobs. But he still came.

The police couldn’t do anything to him.

She recalled the first time she had met him. It was 3 weeks before then.
He had known her name. She hadn’t known his.
He introduced himself. He was a fun guy, but he seemed to put himself out too much for her.

Apparently, he owned a couple of businesses. But his new greatest past time had become stalking Rachel.

6 Months passed, and everyday, Sean had come to see her.
He was starting to have an impact on her life …

                   * * * * * * *

1 month later Rachel and Reagan decided to break up.

She went to the park bench the day she left Reagan’s house. Rage filled her face. She swore she would tear Sean to pieces if he ever showed up.

Then he showed up.

“Rachel”, he called out. She brandished a pocket knife from her nail cutter.
” Rachel calm  down now he said coming closer to her”. She swung her hand and her expertly caught her. In one motion, he swung her body to himself. Her back was turned to him.
Then, she was in hysterics.

“Let me go”. she cried and screamed. “Rachel calm down”. “Calm down please”. Let’s talk.
She would have none of it.
30 minutes later , they were both seated on that park bench. Starring at anything but each other . Utmost silence between them …

“Sean I want you to do me a favour”, she spoke. Facing him.
He refused to face her. He was bitter. Tears almost forming in his eyes.
” Sean pliz”, Rachel begged in her tears. “Pliz look at me”. She quipped

“Rachel don’t do it my love.” Sean replied evenly, despite the teary eyes.

“Sean listen please …”

He already knew what she was going to say. He made up his mind, and turned to face her.

“If you love me that much, please leave me alone”.

” Only for a year”, he quickly added.

She hastily said yes.
Then he did it.
He took her in his arms and hugged her.
Hugged her with more love than she had ever felt in her life from any other man.
And then he went.

She felt free.

She would go back home and manage the family business.

“`Equality 2“`

              * * * *

We all want to be wealthy and happy.

We all want to be prosperous.

We all want to be gods on earth.


We have this pyramid of power.

At the top, are the billionaires, the presidents, and the army generals, who indirectly control us all (including what we can and cannot do).

Can we counter control them ?

If we could, would society be able to support the degree of complexity it has managed to create today ?

Yes, but we have to fall first.
First we fall, then we can rise on more solid ground.

Just as it is in Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, to go to heaven, one must pass via hell.

To go further up, you must first go down.

To make millions of shillings, you must be willing to give away a couple of hundred thousands to somebody else. (Something people call “Investment)

And so, for a *cameras and microphones-everywhere-society (CMES)* to ever have the wealth complexity we have today, it will only happen if we rewrite all history.
That includes religion, power relationships, laws (especially laws on ownership), everything.

(And we can once and for all understand whether supernatural events like miracles exist and how we can learn to summon them at will).

Only in a CMES will the apotheosis of all mankind be assured.

Why ?

Because there will be no more need of lying, no need of hiding, no need of suffering alone, no need of misunderstanding one another.

Any mistake will be called a lesson, and hundreds of people will be ready to support you, be they students or teachers, customers or managers.

The President will be the most qualified citizen we all know.
He will have the power to command us, just as we shall have the power to command him.
Sounds contradictory, but nature does it all the time.

America will not want to fight North Korea, because we shall all be one.

Infact, all cultures, boundaries, and differences should be swept away.
The greatest philosophy is Global Unity.
And a unity where by each human being is a god of sorts. Able to access any information they so wish, so as to use to to spur human development even faster.
A world where by we counter influence one another.

A world where together, we surely mirror God (as we should).